Rust and Patina Book

Rust and Patina Book
Rust and Patina BookRust and Patina BookRust and Patina Book
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Create breathtaking art that shines with the nostalgia of antiqued metal. Metal paints and patina solution allow you to achieve overnight what nature took decades to accomplish. This book shows you how to transform almost any object or material with the "industrial chic" look of distressed metal. Rust & Patina offers dozens of projects for creating amazing paper crafts, jewelry, clothing, home décor, mixed media, and so much more. Reactive paints can be used on almost anything... on paper, cardstock, chipboard, cardboard, canvas, cloth, wood, metal, plastic, tile, or brick. They contain metal particles that develop an antique look of rust and/or verdigris when patina solution is applied. The authors instruct you in all the basics of working with rust and patina, including painting, creating textures, and sealing. They provide guidance on materials, supplies, and techniques - See more at:

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